Become a Venue

We partner with local venues to provide customers with a fun and memorable experience!  Our partners benefit by us bringing in new customers who order food & drink during our events.

Let us know when you have a slow night/time, and we can even try to schedule for that time.  A typical event lasts 2 hours which leads to some hungry and thirsty customers. 

Everyone loves a great party and unlike bands, trivia, or other event companies, we keep the crowds coming with NO CHARGE to your venue. Everyone wins with Wonderfully Made 4 You

It’s a WIN for everyone!

For a public event at your venue, we choose the designs and paintings and sell the tickets. If it is not your venue and you are inviting us to your town in a community center, church, park or similar community space, other rules may apply.

There are some criteria prior to filling out our submission form.


Prefer hard surfaced floors since our water based paint is easily removed.  Carpeted space is at your own risk.


Must have space for at least 25 Party Painters.


We need adequate lighting, a dedicated server or two, access to water, and time to set up and clean up before and after the event.


We can use private event area or your main customer seating, but need a dedicated space for groups. We bring our sound system and need to play our own music at events.


Cross promoting events on social media (Facebook, Instagram, website) will ensure that we reach more people to purchase tickets.  This in turn will increase your revenue.

Let’s work together

Thank you so much for considering a partnership with us. Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you very soon.

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